Rev. Dan Claire’s petition denied

The ACNA’s Provincial Tribunal released a decision and order dismissing petition in the case of the Rev. Dan Claire, Church of the Resurrection, Washington D.C. Some background on the case appears at the following links:

The decision itself presents the following facts:

According to the papers filed by both parties and oral argument on September 6, 2023, there are no judicial proceedings or presentments currently pending against the Petitioner. Apparently, starting in December 2019, complaints were made against the Petitioner by a fellow clergyman in the Diocese, which ultimately resulted in an investigation of Rev. Claire. The investigation’s final report (entitled “Final Report and Godly Admonition” on or about November 22, 2021) from the Respondents found no presentable offense but found some issues with the conduct of the Petitioner. The apparent end of that investigation (which Respondents’ counsel at oral argument represented was a deficient investigation) was that both Petitioner and Respondents entered into a one-page agreement entitled “Pastoral Process for The Rev. Dan Claire (May 27, 2022)”, which is attached to the Petition as Exhibit 4 and is attached hereto (the “Pastoral Process”). That agreement specified that Rev. Claire undergo sessions of professional licensed counseling, spiritual direction/coaching, a human resources review of Rev. Claire’s parish, and that Rev. Claire issue a public statement “acknowledging complaints and a willingness to work on them.” The Pastoral Process described actions already taken by Rev. Claire and the Respondents, suggested additional steps for Rev. Claire, and required he take certain other actions. After review by an outside organization, the Respondents decided to conduct a second investigation of the accusations against Rev. Claire. Rev. Claire alleges that these accusations are substantially the same as the prior accusations and that there is significant overlap between the accusers in the first investigation.

On April 26, 2023, the Petitioner filed his Petition with the Tribunal. On June 9, 2023, the Respondents filed a motion to dismiss the Petition. The Tribunal held a hearing with counsel for the parties on September 6, 2023.

The petition was dismissed, meaning that some kind of process of investigation, discipline, or a trial should go forward.






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