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Only anticipation is satisfying

In the London Review of Books, Adam Phillips reviews Benjamin Taylor’s book, Proust: The Search. Phillips says of Proust: …In Search of Lost Time, about someone wanting to write a book he doesn’t write, is itself about the ways our objects of desire sustain us by failing to satisfy us. Phillips summarizes Proust as thinking […]


ACNA’s March Conclave

Anglican Unscripted filled in the details on the forthcoming ACNA conclave. George Conger reports here that the conclave will happen after the March 12th consecration of Chip Edgar as bishop. The conclave is scheduled to take place at the St. Christopher Camp and Conference Center on Seabrook Island. Archbishop Beach wants 90 percent of the […]


ACNA College of Bishops and C4SO

It turns out that my suspicions about the lack of a press release from the College of Bishops meeting were correct. Anglican Unscripted reported on this over the weekend. Among other things, they said: There are rumors that some churches within C4SO no longer want to be associated with ACNA. Ten to twelve C4SO churches […]


The Expositor’s Greek Testament

The Expositor’s Greek Testament is one of my favorite commentaries. I picked up a volume at a used store many years ago and had it rebound. Even though I can’t read Greek, I can make out the words with other helps and read the commentary. Volume 4 is available online for free here.


Moby Dick as an anti-Leviticus

My book club just read through Moby Dick, a fascinating novel that operates on many levels below the surface narrative of the hunt for a whale. James Jordan offers a unique take on the book which I wish someone would expand on and dig into further in an old newsletter. He writes: Ishmael is the […]



Just a reminder that The Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (GAFCON) and the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches (GSFA) are separate entities. If the average member of an ACNA parish knows anything about the global situation, he or she probably knows that ACNA is part of GAFCON. But last year the formal, organizational weight […]

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