(Recent) Anglican history

I would like to post a series of occasional bits and pieces of Anglican history since much of it is being lost to time. One part of this is my perspective on how the Anglican Mission in America (AMiA) collapsed—yes I know, it still exists—because I was on the periphery of that episode and I still find to this day that many of those who were in the organization have no clear idea of what happened. I’m not sure that I do either, but I can contribute my two cents. I buy many of the books that come out on this history—former Archbishop Duncan’s for example—and find them to be heavily sanitized pieces that do not really pull back the curtain on what was going on. This is par for the course with what ACNA does now, seeking to manage image instead of deal honestly. You have to wonder if they wouldn’t have sought to censor Paul for talking about rebuking Peter openly and then writing an open letter about it!

What I envision is an interconnected narrative of my days in the AMiA and then PEAR USA, as well as other random pieces of history that I heard about or read. And knowing myself, I might lose interest in the project and it could take years to finish, if ever, but I am going to give it a shot. And along the way, if you have differing recollections or viewpoints from the other side, leave a comment.

This won’t be my sole focus, but to use the parlance so familiar to us, one stream of many on the blog.






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  1. Charles Bartlett Avatar

    Commend you for doing this. Too many people take their stories with them to the grave. Then when successive students of history try to fathom the significance of the said movement, they find nothing but a record of officers’ names and filler like ‘he was a nice guy’. Almost impossible to know details of churchmanship or motivations. Won’t be appreciated for now, but on the future it will. I have my own parochial (meaning limited) memoirs to share.

  2. Zac Neubauer Avatar
    Zac Neubauer

    Agreed that this would be helpful!

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