Jay Greener in the Anglican Union

Former AMiA and C4SO priest Jay Greener who was investigated and resigned in 2022 has now emerged in the odd Kevin Donlon led group “the Anglican Union.” The Anglican Union split from what is left of AMiA for reasons unknown.

When he resigned, the public statement from C4SO said:

Because he is canonically resident in the Province of Rwanda, Jay will now be under the care of Archbishop Laurent Mbanda, Vice Chairman of GAFCON, who received the Independent Assessment Report and will ensure Jay’s future accountability.

Who knows what sort of care Mbanda provided Greener, or if Greener is still resident in Rwanda, but he popped up renewing his ordination vows with Donlon’s group this Holy Week.






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  1. RestingInTheLord Avatar

    Does anyone know if there are still clergy in that kind of an arrangement of half-here, half-there? The ACNA should have phased out that kind of thing before a problem even developed. Priests, and deacons, should be genuinely known by their bishop.

    Greener shouldn’t be back in leadership in any church or ministry. He really blew it. His bishop could have defrocked him, and maybe he did? But this odd group just accepted him in? Is he in active ministry anywhere? That would be a shame.

    It would be a real work of mercy for somebody somewhere to start a ministry to help former leaders to make a living out in the world. A sort of consulting business and life coach mash-up. The Church needs to deal with failures among leaders in a more Biblical way, by repentance and amendment of life, not shame and isolation. Or would that require us to admit that we need the grace of our LORD God, make us uncomfortable? Or show that we don’t care enough about our leaders to recognize that they’re human beings like us? Ultimately handling it like this can lead to them messing up in the same ways that cost them their position in the first place, which can lead to more sin, misery, and even scandal.

    1. admin Avatar

      I don’t know but probably
      Greener was resident in Rwanda so GAFCON head Mbanda took him in and before you know it he went into Donlon’s strange group.
      I don’t think not caring about leaders is the main problem. I think the leaders are the problem.

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