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Realities of Enforced Reconciliation in Rwanda

In contrast to a lot of pious-sounding talk about reconciliation in Rwanda, Susan Thomson has just written this article, which should be a must read for someone who really wants to grasp how things work. She says: The government can seek to impose national unity and reconciliation activities on Rwandans because of the deep structures of […]

Rutayisire says Kagame is not Autocratic Enough

In a 2006 article about Rick Warren’s involvement in Rwanda, Anglican pastor Antoine Rutayisire said that President Paul Kagame might be too democratic. The article says: “He is not authoritarian to the level I would wish,” says Antoine Rutayisire, a Tutsi African evangelist and vice chairman of the Rwandan government’s Unity and Reconciliation Committee. “When […]

More of Radner on Rwanda

Ephraim Radner’s article in First Things is not the first time he has looked at Rwandan Anglicans. Writing for the Anglican Communion Institute in 2009 Radner did an excellent job of laying out the background of conflicts in the DRC and Rwandan problems. He turned to Anglican related issues and said: The current and often antagonistic disagreements […]

Rucyahana and Mbanda

“The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him.” Proverbs 18:17 John Rucyahana recruited and raised funds for M23,1 wrote an editorial calling for the secession of provinces in the neighboring DRC,2  denounced Europe at the behest of Paul Kagame,3  is connected to warlord Bosco Ntaganda,4 is connected to […]

Taiga Meibun

Writing about the thinking of a defeated Hirohito post World War II, David Bergamini says: Hirohito had always minimized the danger of democratic sentiments taking hold in Japan. He felt that the Anglo-American type of government was too individualistic to be compatible with Japanese society. In a democracy each voter needed a conscience of his […]

Examining Breedlove’s Defense of Rwandan Anglicans

They that forsake the law praise the wicked: but such as keep the law contend with them. Proverbs 28.4 I was going to continue looking at the “Peace in the Great Lakes” effort launched last month in a new post, but instead I will tie that effort to the recent posts of PEARUSA Anglican Bishop […]

Theological Tensions within GAFCON

Andrew Atherstone attended GAFCON and wrote an insightful review of the conference (here) including this: Theological tensions were further exposed in a seminar on the complementary charisms of catholicism and evangelicalism by Gavin Ashenden (former chaplain of Sussex University, trained at both Oak Hill and Heythrop), an entertaining but provocative speaker whose comments demonstrated the […]