Wright, Rome, etc.

If Tom Wright is right about justification (I think he is) than that doctrine no longer stands in the way of Catholic/Protestant relations. But to me, that seems to be one of the least important issues. What still divides us, as I see it are issues like:

  1. The notion of a priesthood apart from the laity.
  2. Idolatry–of statues and saints.
  3. The notion of repeated sacrifices of the Lord–which implies His once for all act was not enough.
  4. A universal head of the church on the earth.
  5. The infallibility of the Pope.

There are just so many problems that to me, the justification debate is minor. But still, if Wright is correct, it means that both Protestants and Catholics are in the wrong about this in some sense. So they would have to move just like we would.






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