Islamic apocalyptic literature and Jews

In light of the pogrom that Hamas carried out on Israeli citizens and others, it is helpful to realize that Islamic apocalyptic literature is almost uniformly filled with hatred for Jews. Their versions of Left Behind, Late Great Planet Earth type books are full of evil towards the Jews. David Cook wrote Contemporary Muslim Apocalyptic Literature and it says:

…materials surveyed here are graphically anti-Semitic and virulently anti-Western, very frequently exhibiting a blood lust and level of hatred stunning to the unprepared reader.

On conspiracy theories in this literature, he writes:

Functionally so these writers would have us believe, all of history has been controlled by a group of Jews who, because they knew more than anybody else and had unlimited amounts of money and unassailable positions of power, together with satanic authority and the monomaniacal purpose of subverting all of humanity and driving it into hell, have directed all past historical events…

It contends that the Jewish conspiracy is vast and all-encompassing, ruthless and entirely evil. Therefore, no mercy can be extended to Jews in any way, shape, or form, and that part of humanity tainted with the conspiracy has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

These books call for genocide:

There are no noncombatants in the war with world Zionism; according to many of these apocalyptic fantasies, all Jews must be killed for the evil to be extirpated, as in this quotation from a chapter entitled “The Jews: A Spreading Plague”:

These books see the Reformation as a Jewish plot:

Moreover, according to these writers, all of the major Reformers (Luther and Calvin, for example) were Jews, and they designed their new belief systems specifically with the idea that Jews would be the true rulers once the Protestant sect was forced to flee to the United States.






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