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Theological Tensions within GAFCON

Andrew Atherstone attended GAFCON and wrote an insightful review of the conference (here) including this: Theological tensions were further exposed in a seminar on the complementary charisms of catholicism and evangelicalism by Gavin Ashenden (former chaplain of Sussex University, trained at both Oak Hill and Heythrop), an entertaining but provocative speaker whose comments demonstrated the […]

The Disintegration of The Catholic Church Of Rwanda, II

Saskia Van Hoyweghen’s article The Disintegration of the Catholic Church of Rwanda gives us a window into the pre-genocide climate amongst Christians. She writes: Historically the Catholic Church in Rwanda developed into a prominent institution, of which the subsequent regimes have often been called mere extensions. As such the Church was, just like the state, […]

The Disintegration of The Catholic Church Of Rwanda

Writing in 1996, shortly after the genocide, Saskia Van Hoyweghen provides a portrait of the Catholic Church in Rwanda up until the genocide, and it is a portrait that is somewhat mirrored in the current Anglican Church of Rwanda. She says: Until 1988 Rwanda was one of the best performing countries in the region. Rwanda, ‘la […]

Did Paul Kagame Just Admit Rucyahana’s Support for M23?

The New York Times carries a long profile of Paul Kagame called “The Global Elite’s Favorite Strongman” this week. The article gets into quite a bit of Kagame’s dark side, without dismantling his entire facade. But what jumps out at me is this startling sentence: He acknowledged that some Rwandan churches have been sending money […]

The Actions of John Rucyahana in Rwanda

An article from The Wind of Change blog about Bishop John Rucyahana came to my attention. The article makes some very serious accusations about Bishop Rucyahana, which American Anglicans should take notice of. The original article is located here, and an English translation follows: The Ill Heart, Conspiracy, Plots, Disrepute and Shame of Bishop John […]

Rwandan Archbishop Rwaje’s Ecumenical Letter to the UN

Background After the United Nations Group of Experts delivered its interim report on the crisis in the Eastern Congo in 2012 and prior to the issuance of the final report, the Government of Rwanda issued its usual attacks on the facts, methods and conclusions of the report. On November 6th, 2012, an “Ecumenical Letter” ostensibly […]