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Pia Desideria

A few quotes from this book by Jacob Philipp Spener: …the study of theology should be carried on not by the strife of disputations but rather by the practice of piety. (Dr. David Chytraeus) “Beware! Satan has the intention of detaining you with unnecessary things and thus keeping you from those which are necessary. Once […]

Pontoppidan on Modern Christians

We pretend to be the followers of the first Christians. But could we imagine that these professors of the truth in Jerusalem, Antioch, Rome, etc., were a people of such mind and such manners as the great multitude among us at the present day? Equally terrible, lavish, voluptuous, miserly, thieving, harlot-like, drunken, false and cunning? […]

ACNA: Husch Blackwell, Greenhouse, and GuideOne Insurance

The long-awaited report on sexual misconduct in the Upper Midwest Diocese of the ACNA has been released. There is much to digest in the report, but one situation that receives mention on pages 38-39 could have wider implications. That is the apparent lying on an insurance application which the Greenhouse organization submitted to GuideOne Insurance. […]

Objections to the Bible: the death of Judas Iscariot

For some, the accounts of the death of Judas Iscariot reveal contradictions in the scriptural text. Again I have to ask the question: were the first Christians really so stupid that they didn’t notice these supposed contradictions? The arrogance of the modern really shines through in some textual criticism. The basic accounts are in Matthew […]