Month: June 2013


Rucyahana Again Tied to M23

The latest interim report of the United Nations Group of Experts on the DRC has leaked online. The report shows dissension between two factions of M23, one led by Bosco Ntaganda and the other by Sultani Makenga. The Makenga faction was supported by Rwanda, while the Ntagada faction lost Rwanda’s support, and of course Bosco eventually […]


Ligon Duncan Amongst the Miscreants

About a decade ago, Ligon Duncan attacked a swath of evangelicals who “fell” for the New Perspective on Paul. He said: Second, there are evangelicals who are social conservatives but who are bent on Christianity expressing itself societally. Among these are theonomists, reconstructionists, “ex-theonomists and reconstructionists” and other miscreants. It is amazing how quick they […]

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