Who will run next time? Here’s my rough draft of a guess, which I will have to revisit in late 2015 (God willing).

Jeb Bush
Marco Rubio
Paul Ryan
Sarah Palin – possibly third party
Rand Paul
Chris Christie
Kelly Ayotte
Rick Santorum

Joe Biden
Andrew Cuomo
Martin O’Malley
Duval Patrick

Mark Warner

Wilson: Repent

From Doug Wilson:

2. Given the wickedness of key elements in Obama’s agenda (abortion, sodomy, thievery through taxation, etc.) we know that whatever the Lord is doing, it is for judgment and not for blessing. And in Scripture, whenever judgment is pending, or has begun, the appropriate response is repentance — not mobilization or organizing our remaining tatters.

Postmillennial optimism does not mean the world gets better without repentance. It means that the gospel is powerful to save, and when the gospel is preached rightly it comes in the form of “repent and believe.” Repent of what? Repent of our sins. Believe what? Believe in Jesus Christ, crucified and risen.

Over the next four years our energies should be focused on getting all Christian kids out of the government schools. If your kids are educated by people who are soft in the head, why would you expect them to grow up and not vote for people who are soft in the head? Students become like their teachers (Luke 6:40). Don’t lament the fact that Obama won if over 90% of your children’s teachers voted for him.

We also need Christians with a thorough-going biblical worldview writing good books, making good movies, and recording good music. As I have argued before, you can’t have a naval war without ships, you can’t have tank warfare without tanks, and you can’t fight a culture war without a culture. And by Christian culture, incidentally, I do not mean pious schlock and I do not mean hipster poses with extra mousse in your hair to make it stick up.

Mattson: Forward

From Brian Mattson:

I look at the electoral map and I see a sea of red and tiny pockets of blue. Those pockets of blue are major urban population centers, filled with young millennials bewitched by the mind-numbing, soothing language of Progressivism: tolerance, compassion, social justice, etc. They are persuaded by the likes of JayZ and Katy Perry, as depressing as that is. Politics is downstream from culture. We have a lot of work to do persuading these voters that a culture of life, strong civil society, free market enterprise, and the impartiality of justice (i.e., not identity politics) leads to human flourishing and Progressivism does not. We cannot simply assume they’ll grow out of it as they get older. They may, and often do. But we need to be more proactive because these people obviously vote before their eventual enlightenment. I have some ideas of my own and I’m open to suggestions.

But these ultra-liberal urban centers are also filled with upper-income elites who seem utterly entrenched in political liberalism. What is so amazing about this is that these rich liberals are not engaging in free sex or aborting their babies (a major campaign pitch of the Obama campaign in the final days). They are getting married, staying married, and having kids. Yet they seem to think the Republic is at stake if those young millennials don’t get free contraceptives or abortifacients. My point? Upper class liberals live more conservatively than they vote. This is a fact, and you can read all about it in Charles Murray’s Coming Apart. We need to start persuading these people.

I look at these blue urban pockets and something else strikes me. How would these electoral areas look if large evangelical church pastors had not stubbornly refused for the past few decades to teach and preach anything politically related? I think of Tim Keller, of whom I have the greatest admiration. I believe he is under-serving his people in New York City if his teaching never translates into political matters. And he purposely makes sure it never translates into political matters. Upper income elites need to be encouraged to vote the values they actually live (by and large), and young millennials need to be encouraged to make the connections between the Christian Faith they get on Sunday and the ballot booth they enter on Tuesday. (I’ve written a book to do just that, by the way. Buy it now. More than ever. Give it to your children and all their friends.)

Polet: We are on the way of Ninevah

From Jeffrey Polet at the Front Porch Republic:

All of this, as I say, means restating what human beings are, how we account for their lives, what they are responsible for, and the limits of a freedom so articulated. But Americans don’t like to hear about limits, and for that reason alone the conservative voice will remain one crying in the wilderness.

Until the city becomes the wilderness, as inevitably it must. We are on the way of Nineveh, and those who live on its margins will be those who survive the collapse and can reconstruct something humanly meaningful. I’ve committed myself to the idea that this culture and our politics can be saved, and that things aren’t so bad as all that. I’ve resisted the strategy of withdrawal as irresponsible and impractical.

I don’t think yesterday has changed that. I still have eager young students who seek to know the truth about human life. I would express hope that my Church could offer a helpful alternative voice in our national debates, but it is difficult to retain such hope when 50% of Catholics voted to reelect an administration that has been relentlessly hostile to Catholic beliefs and institutions. We still have venues such as the Porch and the American Conservative and First Things which continue to light candles in the midst of the darkness. I have not yet despaired. Americans like to think of themselves as optimists, but only a fool would continue down a path so featureless and unpromising.

As Plato taught us, there comes a point when a political regime is beyond saving, and then the only alternative is to retreat into communities of like-minded people and wait out the storm. Conservatives have not been able to calm the waters, but they may yet be called upon after the seas surge beyond the levees. So it remains for us to keep our ancient compasses intact.

Latino Catholics

Remember the idea that all the Latino Catholic immigrants would make the USA more conservative? Daniel Silliman says:

According to a Pew poll done in October, 71 percent of Latino Catholics identified as Democrats, and 73 percent were planning on voting for Obama. They were nearly 20 percent more likely to support Obama than non-Latino Catholics. That overwhelming support didn’t disappear when one measured for religiosity, either: among Latinos who attended mass weekly, more than 60 percent said they would vote for Obama. Where the so-called “God gap” is in effect with whites, it seems minimal at best with Latinos.

2012: Trifkovic’s Take

Posting reactions:

The results are depressingly predictable. Barack Hussein Obama’s forthcoming mass amnesty of some tens of millions of unassimilable, semi-literate Third-Worlders will guarantee further watering down of the real America he hates with a passion. And yes, GOP “strategists” duly will start pandering to them.

The Supreme Court will get some Wise Latina-lookalikes to replace Scalia and Kennedy, and support Obama’s agenda on abortion, affirmative action, employee and property rights, homosexual “marriage,” federal campaign-finance reform law, union contributions, voting identification laws, Obamacare…

GOP strategists will quickly learn to live with all that, too, thus ensuring that every new stage of our accelerating collapse is treated as the new center ground. Dissenters will be unwelcome: questioning GOP’s acceptance of “Gay Marriage” and the Dream Amnesty four years hence will be as heretical as questioning our self-defeating global hegemony is today. The focus in 2016 will be on the deficit—likely to exceed the science-fictional twenty thousand billion dollars by that time—and on Obama’s failure to reassert America’s global power with sufficient gusto.

Election Blues

The election confirmed what we already knew about the nation: people want to keep murdering babies, embracing sodomy and bowing to the Almighty Welfare State. My disjointed thoughts:

[1] John Roberts in his decision on the “Affordable Care Act” said, “But the Court does not express any opinion on the wisdom of the Affordable Care Act. Under the Constitution, that judgment is reserved to the people.” Maybe Roberts thought people were smart enough to vote against national bankruptcy, hyperinflation and destitution. He thought wrong.

[2] Christians need to pray daily for the next four years for the health of Roberts, Scalia, Alito, Thomas and even Kennedy. They are the last thin reed holding us back from total barbarism, and really it’s too late even for that. But the alternative of more deconstructionist hacks on the Bench tearing apart what is left of the Old Republic is frightening. Not that I think a sane President will be elected in 2016, because I think it’s all over now and we need to gird for our own Weimar Republic like collapse. Will you put your 401k in a wheelbarrow and buy a loaf of bread with it?

[3] The degree of damage that George W. did to the GOP cannot be underestimated. His insane spending (dwarfed by Obama) eliminated GOP credibility on the budget. 2008 was largely a revolt against endless and pointless war, something the mainstream GOP has yet to admit. Think of how different things might be if he had only done surgical strikes on Afghanistan and not invaded, and also had not invaded Iraq. Trillions of dollars and countless lives wasted for a pointless project.


[1] We did not have a “brokered convention.”

[2] The “bruising” GOP primary didn’t have any impact.

[3] Israel didn’t bomb Iran prior to the election.

[4] The White Horse prophecy was not fulfilled.

[5] Obama didn’t drop Biden.

Jesus is King

Matthew Mason has an excellent sermon on the American political scene here, please listen to it. He also summarizes his sermon here. An excerpt:

 You’ve been brought up to believe that the powers of government derive from the consent of the people. That’s wrong. If I had time I could give a more nuanced account of this. But at best that’s deism. It’s certainly anti-Christian. The powers of government, the authority of government, derive from the Lord Jesus Christ. He is King of kings and Lord of lords. God has set him over all the nations of the earth, and to him all kings, rulers, and presidents should submit. The President serves at the pleasure of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is a man under authority. This is also true for the legislative and judicial branches of government.

“This Time Will Be Different”

C.S. Lewis writes on progressives of the 16th century:

Brinkelow ought to have learned his lesson from the fate of the monastic lands: in his simplicity he had really believed that government would spend its booty on ‘social services’, and had been bitterly disappointed by the event. But experience beats in vain upon a congenital progressive. He urged the spoliation of the colleges in the firm hope that this time-that mystical ‘this time’ which is always going to be so different-government, having sucked in, would give out.

From “English Literature in the Sixteenth Century.”