Archbishop Okoh on Various Subjects

In sermon notes about the topic of “Jesus is Lord,” Archbishop Nicholas Okoh of Nigeria says:

The implication of the Lordship of Christ on Family and human sexuality:

– We, our church, will work to protect and promote sound, scripture-approved marriages, which is a gift of God from creation (Gen. 2: 18 ff).
– We shall continue to promote and support marriage between a man and a woman.
– At the moment there is a great deal of effort, a huge sum of money being spent to pervert and undermine this institution. It is being presented to us to accept the homosexual lifestyle and same-sex union as normal alternative to marriage between male and female.

The recent view of the Bishop of Liverpool is not acceptable to us. It establishes two authorities in the church, the scriptures and “The Canon” of deviant sub-culture. It is intended to destroy the Judeo – Christian understanding of morality as revealed in the Bible.

For whom does he speak – himself, his diocese, certainly! But Akure Diocese? The Anglican Communion? Is the covenant intended to achieve a globalization for the easy spread of the homosexual lifestyle? Liverpool has chosen to speak at a wrong time!

Are you homophobic? Do you suffer from homophobia? It is an ingenious device designed to club anyone holding a contrary view into conformity. To accept it is conforming to the world Rom. 12: 2. If you are accused of homophobia, accuse them of gunephobia (inordinate fear of women, and relationship between men and women). For those with homosexual lifestyle we promise to provide pastoral care and counseling. We strongly believe in the power of the Gospel to transform lives.

On the Anglican Communion, the Most. Rev. Okoh states:

·GAFCON/FCA – We remain committed to this body and seek to promote all that it stands for.

·GLOBAL – SOUTH – We shall continue to be part of this body as long as it remains on the clear part of orthodoxy, without any discernible subterranean agenda.

·CAPA – We are part of CAPACAPA in order to enhance the integrity of its discussions, decisions and mission.

My curiousity is piqued by his reference to the Global South and ‘subterranean agendas.” What is he talking about?