A Note Regarding John Edwards

It took a couple years, but Edwards finally owned up to the truth that he cheated on his wife and fathered a child with his mistress. The only thing I want to point out is that the National Enquirer broke this story, and when they did a lot of the reaction was, “You’re going to believe a story from the National Enquirer?!! You can’t be serious!”

Well, yes, I am. The Enquirer also broke the Gary Hart story in 1987. And if not for them, we might never have found out about Edwards. Do you think CNN or the New York Times was going to stake out his hotel and chase him down the hall like the Enquirer did? They did the hard and dirty work that our prestigious outlets can’t stoop to in the case of a leading Democratic figure. I am thankful that the Enquirer is out there.

I’d also add that if anyone wants to know why no one trusts (or should trust) elected officials of either party, this is a great example. Yet another bald-faced liar who lies on TV interviews, in indignant press releases, and so on until the week before a book comes out nailing him to the wall. Just like Bill Clinton, just like Gary Hart, just like many others. Not only do they cheat on their spouses (Republicans too), but they lie and lie and lie until FORCED to tell the truth. So is there any reason to think they aren’t lying about all kinds of other things where they will never be forced to tell the truth? The presumption is that the always lie, unless forced to tell the truth.

New York Times – Goodbye

So the Times is thinking about charging for content again.  The point at which they do that will be the point at which I stop reading it online. The Wall Street Journal went to a pay system a couple months ago and I promptly yanked it off my iPhone and stopped reading it online. I believe that readers will flow to free sites and ignore paid ones. I will read the BBC, other British papers, or the Moscow Times before I will pay to read any paper online. There will always be a free stream of news out there in our age, and that’s where readers will go. This is just another error from the Times, one that they will probably undo (again) in a year or so.

The NY Times Doesn’t Care

I think the latest possible cell broken up in New York was very serious. They had bomb making notes, trips to Pakistan, backpacks, fuses, etc. Their goal was probably to blow up the subways in New York like London and Madrid before them. And yet the left doesn’t want this message of messy warfare to disrupt the new enlightened moment we are in since last November. I looked at the NY Times this morning and there is nothing on the top fold of the front page on the story at all. The newspaper in the very city that would have experienced death, disruption and misery doesn’t want to talk about Muslims who wanted to kill them. What a joke that paper is. I don’t know why I still read it. A bunch of shills for the Party who need to take a course or two in Western Civ from St. John’s or New St. Andrews, not NYU or Yale.