The Apostles Mission Network

This week brought a lot of confusion to AMiA parishes and clergy. What are they now that their bishops abandoned them? Well, those issues are beginning to resolve themselves. Look at this link from the Apostles Mission Network. It says in part:

Who is the Apostles Mission Network (AMN)?
AMN is a large but tightly knit network of clergy and churches, a network within the former  Anglican Mission in America, and thus sent by the Anglican Church of Rwanda on Christian mission to North America.
Who leads AMN?
The immediate episcopal overseer of AMN is Bishop Thad Barnum, who has chosen to remain  under the authority and oversight of the Rwandan House of Bishops. Our leadership also  includes approximately a dozen presbyters appointed by our former bishop, Terrell Glenn, who  serve in the administration of the network by shepherding regional groups of churches and  other shepherding functions for the whole network.
What are we seeking to do?
Our mission and vision is to plant orthodox Anglican churches in North America and to proclaim the good news of Jesus. In this endeavor, we are committed to working alongside any and all other faithful Christians, including our brothers and sisters in ACNA, as well as missional churches and movements outside of Anglicanism. Ultimately, we are committed to following Jesus, and walking together with Him in charity, unity, humility, honesty, truth, collegiality, counsel and love. However, we seek to do so as faithful Anglicans, committed to essential principles of theology and ecclesiology that are essential to historic orthodox Anglican mission and ministry.

Read the whole thing. As someone who believes that our historic formularies are every bit as applicable today as they were when they were written, this is good news.