On Friday night, Adobe updated The update merged the files of the various services – Buzzword, Presentations, etc. – into a common “desktop” that improves the ability to organize and find files. The services look sleek and I continue to be impressed by the design elements.

What I am not thrilled with in this update is that Buzzword itself has not progressed. It needs the ability to format with styles, caption tables and figures, and other common word processing features. I hope this will happen shortly. If it does, I will stop using Pages and Word altogether and go completely online. The word is that Google is also going to roll a lot of new functions into docs in 2010, so I think next year will truly see the end of needing to use Word/Excel/Powerpoint for office functions. Acrobat’s ability to import and export to .doc and other common formats makes it an almost-perfect office killer. Plus, using Minion and Myriad as default fonts rather than Times New Roman or Constantia is a massive win for geeks like me.

Office Live

Since I have a little used Sky Drive account I checked to see if I qualified for the roll-out today of Office Live (Office 10 online) which competes with Google Docs and (Buzzword). I also have an Office Live Spaces account which I only use to see what it does. Anyway, I do indeed have an invite to use Office Live. Right now I can only create and edit Powerpoint and Excel files. All I want to do is edit Word files, so I’m impatient to see how that works.

I think Adobe might also be doing a Buzzword update tonight, and I find that more interesting right now. It makes sense however that Office Live will use Skydrive as storage and Spaces as a kind of online SharePoint.