Episcopalians in the Congo

Ed Jones from the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia writes about a recent trip to the Congo that he and some others from the Diocese made:

At the service at the cathedral in Bukavu, Carey Chirico of St. George’s Episcopal Church in Fredericksburg offered a sermon that captured the spirit of Pentecost. Her words were translated into Swahili.

Indeed, the basic structure of the service, from the sermon to the prayers to the creeds, was similar to what Episcopalians in the U.S. would know.

What was different were the long stretches of singing and dancing from the seven choirs of the church. During some of those extended musical offerings, the whole congregation seemed to find a spiritual rhythm, swaying as one.

Note that St. George’s is a thoroughly apostate parish that has things like an “Integrity Circle for LGBT persons.” What is Integrity?

Integrity is an officially recognized organization within the Episcopal Church which serves as the leading grassroots voice for full inclusion of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) persons.

So why is the Congo receiving apostates like this? Perhaps Anglicans in the Congo aren’t aware of the beliefs of these folks, but I’m not so sure. It makes the Congo look more and more mercenary, when you couple it with the support of the AMiA.