Anglican D.C. Easter Vigil: continuing ties to a collaborationist church

Last weekend The Church of the Resurrection, The Church of the Advent, and the Church of the Ascension, all ACNA parishes in the D.C. metro area, broadcast a virtual Easter Vigil. Who was the preacher? Archbishop Laurent Mbanda of Rwanda. The West may be waking up to the evil of the Rwandan state, but these churches are not.

Archbishop Mbanda speaking to D.C. Anglicans.
Mbanda with a man he loves, Dictator Paul Kagame.

If you would like to know more about Kagame, read the new book Do Not Disturb: The Story of a Political Murder and an African Regime Gone Bad by Michela Wrong, or hundreds of other books and reports. One review of the book says:

So how could Rwanda’s western backers have so misjudged their man? Guilt, with a dollop of self-interest, is the reply. Kigali denies the specific charges. It will no doubt seek to denounce them as genocide denial — a criminal offence in Rwanda. But Wrong does not deny the genocide. Rather she is disputing the RPF’s narrative of what happened next, when the genocidaires were finally routed. In doing so she reminds readers that the truth can, of course, prove messy and that just because you have suffered appallingly does not mean that everything you do thereafter is justified. As for the outsiders, including British Conservative and Labour politicians, who have over the years backed Rwanda and broadly shrugged at the critiques, it is, she contends, a case of “Tread softly for you tread on my dreams”.

Rwanda’s Paul Kagame — is he just another dictator?

I warned these Anglican churches about the murder and the church leaders operating within the RPF years ago and they chose to ignore me. Mbanda regularly showers Kagame with praise in public, but they don’t know or don’t care:

These Anglicans are naif comme les blancs:

When will they wake up? Thad Barnum warned about silence, but they have failed to apply his warnings to today.


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