AMiA Splits (Again)

Well, the AMiA has split again. News is hard to come but you can piece things together if you look hard enough. What we seem to have now is the old Anglican Mission in America, led by Bishop Philip Jones and the Anglican Union For The Propagation Of The Gospel: A Confraternity Of Oratories–the AUPG! It just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?

AUPG is rooted in the Anglican Tradition, an ancient-future faith that dates back to the first century church and developed in the English Reformation. The Anglican Union is distinctly nourished by three streams.


Essentially, another group totally the same as many others, but that needed to split from them for reasons we don’t know, but which I would suspect are personal.

It looks like Kevin Dolon, Gerry Schnackenberg, Carl Buffington and some others have left. The AMiA and AUPG are now just another couple continuing churches in the constellation of odd Anglican groups out there.

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  1. Seems David Virtue is following you as ‘The Living Text’. I’m glad to see your site is up and running again. I was wondering what your take on the four new Nigerian missionary bishops to America is. Is this going to be like a new AMIA, but Nigerian instead of Rwandan?

    1. It does remind me of AMiA. CANA has 4 dioceses, and the “missionary” one for Nigerians seems to be the troublemaker. I would think Archbishop Okoh and Bishop Dobbs could rein it in. If they can’t, I don’t understand what the ‘power’ of bishops is for.

  2. “The AMiA and AUPG are now just another couple continuing churches in the constellation of odd Anglican groups out there.”

    Ha! I’d concur!

    I’ll chime in on the CANA issue, only for a lot of personal knowledge of different sources. It is both formed off of what +Minns did not like about AMiA and completely unique. The unique role is in the large number of Nigerians living in the USA and CoN thought processes to care for them, which no other Anglican province other can claim (CoE maybe, but all on paper, I’m talking about real bodies in pews). Joel is correct in the “troublemaker” and it’s actually because no thought was given to their actions (meaning, since it did not involve Americans, they did not think about how their actions could cause trouble, tribal way to view the world). I think Archbishop Okoh could rein it in but not Bishop Dobbs, but Bishop Minns in retirement could help behind the scenes and hopefully with Archbishop Beach.

    In my mind the Americans have put their trust in procedural agreements, but maybe have neglected the relational aspect important to Nigerians. I write as I’ve met one of the senior Nigerian bishops involved and know something of his itinerary when in the States and with an American friend he interrupted his dinner in Nigeria to answer the call, he was eating spaghetti. The purpose of the vignette is that these issues will continue to happen with ADOTT unless the Americans begin to think a little more like Nigerians. The reason it would be the American responsibility is the other CANA diocese could go into ACNA like PEARUSA did but ADOTT is not going anywhere anytime soon, but better engagement in building relationships instead of relying on procedures (more African a little less Western) will keep this from happening again.

    [Another vignette from my mother sharing an office with a man from Ghana, another lady walks in and my mother exchanges information on the project and the other lady walks out. Her office mate just begins to laugh and informs her that would been the rudest conversation in his homeland, for she did not ask about the other ladies family, nor did the other lady ask about hers, they just got straight to the point about business].

    [The reason ACNA needs to learn these skills is CoN is the behemoth. Once Alister McGrath began a presentation that he is just your average Anglican, that means he is female, about 35 years of age and probably living in Saharan Africa, most likely in Nigeria. ACNA has more to loose in blow up than CoN, also a skill set Archbishop Beach will need to lead his tensor as heading GAFCON].

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