An ACNA – AMiA Reunion?


Could AMiA be headed back into an ACNA relationship? With Chuck Murphy back to being a church “planter” (and “Consultor”) and H. Miller off to England, the players have changed a bit. So it was with interest that I saw this:

new thang

But it got even more interesting when I read this from Archbishop Duncan today:

I called Bp. Philip Jones the other day.  We had a lovely conversation.  There are now 50 congregations of the Anglican Mission.  These 50 congregations are no longer numbered in our congregational count in the Anglican Church in North America. 

Given Archbishop Beach’s friendship with T.J. Johnston, are we headed for “New Thing”, Mark III? It is worth recalling what Archbishop Duncan said about AMiA in the past:

They have not been so good about accountability and the unity of the church. They are now former Anglicans. That’s what they have to grapple with.

the new chairman

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