Habemus Archiepiscopum Foley Beach!

Congratulations to Archbishop-elect Foley Beach! He has ruined the many hours of work I put in to a post about Bishop Ray Sutton, but that is fine.

beach tweet

Source: https://twitter.com/FoleyBeach/status/480786109039783936

His election occurred on the fourth ballot:

19 June, Thursday night: Each bishop was allowed to make a three minute presentation on what attributes the next Archbishop should possess.

20 June, Friday morning: This was a nominating ballot. Each bishop was allowed to nominate a candidate. I believe they were limited to one each.

21 June, Saturday morning: This was a voting session. No decision was reached

21 June, Saturday afternoon: This was a voting session. No decision was reached

22 June, Sunday morning, 1: No decision.

22 June, Sunday morning, 2: Decision for Bishop Beach.

I hope Archbishop-elect Beach continues to maintain his blog here.

The Future and the Past

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