Archbishop Carey Praises Kagame

While the opportunity is there, I preach the Gospel with all my might, and my conscience is clear before God that I have not sided with the present government which is utterly self-seeking. I have been threatened many times. Whenever I have the opportunity I have told the president the things the churches disapprove of. God is my witness. – Janani Luwum

Adding his voice to the parade of clergy who praise a murderous tyrant, retired Archbishop George Carey visited Rwanda yesterday, lauding Paul Kagame. He met with Kagame and Archbishop Rwaje.

Musoni, Rwaje, Kagame, Carey, et al

Musoni, Rwaje, Kagame, Carey, et al

Speaking to the press after meeting President Kagame, Lord George Carey said Rwanda has responded magnificently and was a strong, vibrant, buoyant country that was going in the right direction…Lord George Carey, who is remembered as the first Anglican Archbishop to ordain women priests, commended Rwanda’s policy on gender equality: “The reason why I am passion about this is because women represent 50% of the human family, have the same brain capacity as the male and have many wonderful gifts and why wouldn’t they be allowed to use those gifts? Rwanda’s emphasis on gender equality is very good and a modern thing too. I would like to encourage President Kagame to maintain his enthusiasm because he is doing a great thing”1Carey lauded government’s “pro-people approach to governance” and encouraged the Head of State to stay the course. “A president is a servant of the people. It’s the people who matter and that should be up most in his mind and I’m sure it is,” he said.2


Where are voices like Bishop Festo Kivengere in Rwanda?

God entrusts governments with authority. But authority has been misused in our country by force.

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