Godwin Agaba Hit by the Wife of Antoine Rutayisire

This is Antoine Rutayisire, he is an Anglican Pastor in Rwanda, functioning as the senior pastor of St Stephen’s Anglican Cathedral of Kigali.

Antoine Rutayisire and Paul Kagame

In 2007, his wife hit journalist Godwin Agaba with her Rav4 after he had published a story about a conflict over land that was splitting the Pentecostal church in Rwanda. Agaba is a Rwandan Anglican who has had to flee his country.

Rutayisire’s wife with him and Rick Warren

According to Agaba, “I was involved in an accident with the wife of Rev. Rutayisire, she wanted to finish me off, and she was given a mission by some Government people.”

Agaba was working for the Rwandan paper The New Times during this period. He says, “I was on the roadside waiting for a motorcycle, I was going to work, it was (during the) morning hours.” Rev. Rutayisire’s wife “…drove towards where I was standing and hit me with the front tire.”

Agaba recorded a statement with the police, Rutayisire’s wife also did and she was referred to Insurance. Agaba is still affected by his injuries, and he required surgeries that cost him $5,000 US dollars.

Agaba points out that Rutayisire is a close friend of Paul Kagame’s, and as you can see, he frequently appears with Kagame. He also travels around the world talking about reconciliation in Rwanda, see the video below.  Agaba is unsure of why an article about Pentecostal conflicts would get Rutaysire involved, and he has more questions than answers. Later, Agaba was forced to flee when the repressive government had enough of his articles and decided to arrest him, as you can read in this article, which discusses a journalist friend of his that Rwanda assassinated inside Uganda. The close relationship of Rutayisire with Kagame and his wife’s role in attacking a journalist that the government did not like should raise many questions in Anglican circles.

Comments on the original post:

Nissi RutayisireSeptember 23, 2013 at 7:29 am

This is so far the funniest article i have read. This woman you that you are talking about is my best friend and i am going to tell you the truth about her. In the year 2007 she didn’t have a driver’s licence not even a car itself. So saying that she attacked you Mr.Godwin is just a big lie. How can a woman who doesnt drive knock you with a car she doesnt own? Whoever wrote this, please take it down and don’t tanish my precious friend’s image and reputation. She is one of the nicest people i know.

Reply September 26, 2013 at 5:37 pm

Hello Nissi. I have forwarded your comment to Godwin for his response.
Are you saying that someone else hit him with a Rav4, that he filed a police report about the wrong person, and doesn’t know what he is talking about?

Reply 26, 2013 at 5:56 pm

Nissi, this is Godwin’s reply:
“To Nissi Rutayisire, you’re the the big joke and lets go by facts , the woman you are referring to is Mrs. Rutayisire. I know who knocked me down in Remera in the year 2007 with her RAVA 4 car in the morning and she came to visit me in King Faisal Hospital and brought for me a Bible she signed in the name of the Rev. Rutayisire family. Should I scan and quote what she wrote? I am sure since she is your good friend you know her handwriting well, or maybe we are talking different people here possibly Rutayisire has over 2 wives, just asking?”

Reply Nissi RutayisireSeptember 27, 2013 at 8:16 am

Hello there Godwin, please do ,me a favor and send the scanned documents of that bible and all. Because this is just absurd by saying she is a good friend, i didnt include the most important detail. SHE IS MY MOTHER. kindly send them to me and i verify her handwriting.

Reply September 27, 2013 at 4:34 pm

Nissi, Godwin sent this reply:
“Hello Nissi, its good that you have said the truth now kindly ask your Mother simple questions: were you ever involved in an accident around Giporoso in Morning hours going to the Church office in Kabeza? Or have you ever come across someone by the names Godwin Agaba? As a servant of God am sure she will tell you the truth. I don’t think if I scan the page of the Bible where she wrote you will definitely deny the same way you’re doing arguing that its not her handwriting if you cant agree with her being involved in an accident. For your information do you know she herself forwarded the case to SORAS (Insurance Company) where her car is insured… in any case if she was driving by then without a driving license, it worsens the situation and Police follow up … let me wait to hear from you with answers, my next comment will be with some papers from SORAS … God Bless you.”

Reply Nissi RutayisireOctober 4, 2013 at 7:46 am

Hahahahah, Godwin you are cracking me up i swear. Dont God bless you me here when you are busy tarnishing my mom’s reputation. We have talked about this at length with her and dad and we are so ready to go to court if it is all it takes. Send those SORAS papers please. And tell me the police station you went to. Am sure they still have those files. I will make sure i go find out. And i suggest you do it if you are not a coward. Why dont you write to me directly anyway? Scared we’ll find out your hide out?
God bless you too.

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