Who will run next time? Here’s my rough draft of a guess, which I will have to revisit in late 2015 (God willing).

Jeb Bush
Marco Rubio
Paul Ryan
Sarah Palin – possibly third party
Rand Paul
Chris Christie
Kelly Ayotte
Rick Santorum

Joe Biden
Andrew Cuomo
Martin O’Malley
Duval Patrick

Mark Warner

8 thoughts on “2016”

  1. There’s lots of dispirited postings here of late in re: to the election. Lots of despair all over, including my own initially. But lets try to regain some perspective. We trounced the Dems in 2010 and still hold the House by a margin that will be hard to overturn in 2014. We could have won more in the Senate this time but, seriously, one cannot put “rape” and “legitimate” in the same political speech. I love the Tea Party and applaud it generally but it needs some grown-up supervision.
    In regards to the doom-sayers who claim America is gone and the electorate is being overwhelmed by Hispanics and millenials. I teach millenials at a university and follow their voting patterns. As opposed to 4 years ago, I noticed from the outset this time that many more of them supported Romney and that was born out by them voting abt 60% for Obama and 40% for Romney. Presumably some of the 60% will change their views when they have a mortgage, children, and a job.
    About the “decline of the white vote.” Sean Trende has written a nice analytical piece today for realclearpolitics. He’s pretty solid and he demonstrates that the black/Hispanic vote was only slightly higher this time. The problem for Romney was that 5 million white voters stayed home this time as compared to ’08. Two reasons: some presumably were discouraged after voting for Obama in ’08 but unimpressed by Romney (Obama did quite a hatchet job on him). Not being able to vote for either, they stayed home. Two, some who may have voted for McCain last time were turned off by Romney’s Mormonism and moderate past so the GOP did not get them out. Given Obama’s less than 3 million vote margin, these “whites” could have made a differance for the GOP. We will have to get them out in 4 years but not with a candidate so far right to be unpalatable to independents.
    About Hispanics, the GOP must solve this problem. Simply putting Rubio on the ticket will not be enough. We need to close the border, and then consider a non-voting-rights amnesty for those who are here. If the GOP got behind this, we may win some back. Either way, they are here and they vote. Disparaging them will not win.

    1. Phil, I believe that the culture is lost due to a number of factors, not the least of which is Christians putting their kids into public school. I think the time now calls for Christians to embrace the “Benedict option” and preserve our culture through the Dark Age that it is now in.

  2. Agree about public schools. Mine are in a private Baptist school. But not all believers can afford that. I also think, and I’ve been writing on FB about this, the tax-exempt status for churches needs to end. The tax-exempt status ties the hands of churches from speaking directly about politics from the pulpit, none the least of which is the youngish, hippity-hop megachurches with their evangelical bent. According to Joel Rosenburg, 6.4 million self-described evangelicals voted for Obama, which tells me they have not been instructed properly on voting in their churches. The young megachurch pastors, and old one, are scared to death of politics in the pulpit. I know, they will say our mission is to bring people to Christ but I think the mission should also be the redemption of culture and society, which itself will also point people to God. Thats my belief anyway. So what is the “Benedict option” in your view?

    What is the “Benedict option” in your mind?

    1. I couldn’t agree more about politics and tax exemption.
      On schooling, I am with you on private school. We homeschool. That is a sacrifice, and I don’t think many Christians are hearing a call to a life of sacrifice to be truly counter-cultural, i.e., to resist Government schools at the cost of a high standard of living. Our society and debt conspires against it, so it would take strategic thinking on the part of the Church.
      “the Benedict Option” is “living in variations of monastic communities for the sake of preserving certain countercultural values in an increasingly dark age.”
      See here for details:

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