Scott Forstall is Gone

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Scott Forstall departed Apple.

The exact circumstances of Forstall’s refusal are unclear, but not entirely unexpected: it’s widely understood that the hard-charging, ambitious Forstall is abrasive and disliked by a number of others at his level inside Apple — people like head designer Jony Ive, who allegedly refused to take meetings in the same room as him. Forstall, who had been in charge of Maps, is said to have believed that the complaints over data quality were overblown — a belief so strong that he ultimately refused to sign the letter apologizing for the debacle (the letter released to the public ended up bearing CEO Tim Cook’s signature instead).

I’m not sure how much you can infer from videos, but Forstall always struck me as creepy in Apple’s iPad promo videos. Going forward, Marissa Meyer should hire him at Yahoo to really get something going there. I’m not sure what that would be, but it would be like a new center of villans in the tech world.

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