Novissimis Diebus Romanum

Fleming on Romney voters today:

But, are the polls correct?  Is the race Obama’s to lose?  Possibly, probably.  I have one nagging doubt.  As they used to say in the Westerns, it’s too quiet out there.  Four years ago, at this point, there were yard signs all over my neighborhood.  This time, there is hardly anything.  The people I meet in business or at church are all promising to vote for Romney, but it is not because they like the governor.  In fact, they do not.  They do, however, fear that an Obama victory will finish off the American economy, wipe out their pensions, and eliminate Social Security.  That is enough for them, and it may be enough for me.

There is, I think, another reason for the lack of public support for Romney:  fear.  People are afraid of reprisals.  It is not so much that they fear attacks from the New Black Panthers or other militant groups, but in displaying a Romney sign they may think they are inviting accusations of bigotry.  I have, in fact, heard such talk.

I can concur with what he is hearing. Everyone I talk to is convinced that economic calamity – Greece writ large – is on the horizon. This election could seal that fate. As Fleming concludes: “In the long run–and in America, long runs are shorter than the election cycle–it does not matter who wins.  Within a few years, tax-consumers will so outnumber tax-payers that there will be no point in working or saving.” Perhaps I should look forward to my future on the dole prior to moving to some rural redoubt to weather the storm.

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  1. In my opinion, at least half, perhaps more, of the American public are simply incapable politically, I mean how could anyone with any common sense re-elect Obama? Sady the hand-writing is on the wall for America and the Free World! God’s Judgment is coming! Just read Jeremiah, looking at the moral sense alone!

  2. When people become convinced that they are paying for services for others, but will not have access to those services when they need them, they will fin ways to avoid paying taxes. That is actually a reasonable approach I think. I wonder if tax avoidance is going to sharply increase and the gray market and bartering will increase.

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