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Trying to get a fix on just how many parishes remain with AMiA is difficult. David Virtue says, “With less than 100 parishes and six bishops, its long-term survival would seem unsustainable.” A newsletter from Fr. Kevin Donlon’s parish says that AMiA has “approximately 80 parishes.”

A friend of mine looked into these numbers and estimates that there are less than 47 active parishes. He said:

80 seems inflated. I was on the AMiA website, through the “Find a Church” feature to count how many “affiliated congregations” (vs. emerging networks and the like). I counted 47 “affiliate congregations” listed in the US and 8 in Canada. However, not all of the listed affiliates are truly ready for the go it alone Missional Society gig.

He points out Kingdom Life Anglican in Naples. AMiA has them as an affiliate, but the Church’s own website hedges and mentions both AMiA and ACNA. There is a similar story for Grace Church in Olive Branch MS. Their affiliation is listed equally with AMiA and ACNA.

St. Paul’s in New York City is listed as a church – but it doesn’t have a pastor (he left to an Episcopal church in Texas) and the community is “discerning its future.”

AMIA also includes the troubled All Saints Anglican in Houston Texas; an African immigrant church (Nigerian?) which is so divided it no longer has a website. See this link.

Some parishes are unclear: E.g. St. Peters in Mount Pleasant SC – They are proud members of the AMiA, but someone should let the webmaster know about the outdated statement about being “vitally connected to the worldwide Anglican Communion.”

Perhaps slow on the uptake are churches like Christ Church Jacksonville, FL, which mentions that they are part of the AMiA and connected to the worldwide Anglican Communion through the Province of Rwanda.

This does not account for the churches under Bishops Miller and TJ Johnston who temporarily joined ACNA but now are back full time with AMiA. The status of their churches is not clear to me. Also, it is not clear if it accounts for “fellowships” with 50 or less regular attenders and “missional communities” or “ministries” that seem to have no required number of attenders. All in all, the actual number is difficult to determine.

Update: Another friend says, “discussion with people who should know indicates that the REAL AMiA count is about 20 congregations that could reasonably called churches.”

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