The Sin of Journalism

Rod Dreher said this on his blog today concerning the Benedict Groeschel scandal:

EWTN and the newspaper it publishes has made John Burger, now jobless, suffer for committing the sin of journalism. At the Register, the truth won’t set you free; it’ll cost you your job. See, this is part of the reason why so many talented men and women of faith stay away from church-affiliated news and entertainment media. People who run churches and church organizations often don’t understand what communications (journalism, filmmaking, etc.) is. They think it’s all supposed to be publicity, and so they guarantee mediocrity, and ultimately the discouragement of talented people — artists and journalists — who have good and useful talents to give to the whole church.

How true does this ring in light of the Anglican Autumn? Christian denominations almost always have newsletters and they are almost always fluff piece propaganda. They serve a purpose, but it sure isn’t journalism. That’s one reason why the powers that be can’t stand blogs. They hate any channel of communication that they can’t control.

2 thoughts on “The Sin of Journalism”

  1. Your analysis is right on. It seems to me that even in the blog world those wanting to obtain access to the “inner sanctum” refrain from being truthful. I am thinking specifically of book reviews. There are a host of books being dumped on the Christian market that are shallow or the subject matter has already been thoroughly exhausted in superior fashion by previous authors; yet these income generating books never seem to warrant a negative review. Men like Justin Taylor come to mind. He seeks the praise of and access to the “Christian Superstars.” It has worked for him. We have seen honesty work in the opposite fashion. Any number of former Sovereign Grace Pastors would serve as examples. Once “godly, humble servants of the Lord”, they then spoke truthfully about ills they saw in SGM leadership and soon found themselves “de-gifted” and thrown out on their ear.

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