Fruits of M23

This article illustrates the horrors of M23 in the Congo:

On July 25, when the shells started exploding, Penina Mukandaysenga was playing in her back yard with her three children in Kiwanja, a small town five minutes’ drive from Rutshuru. Her husband had gone to Goma for medical treatment.

“I just saw my child’s head blown away by the first bomb,” she said at Rutshuru government hospital.

The hospital, although still under the control of government authorities, is kept running and supplied by Doctors Without Borders.

As she ran toward 18-month-old infant Noelina Kisubizo, her youngest child, she said a second shell exploded in the garden. It tore away half her right arm — she is right-handed — and shrapnel cut into her left arm, leaving it momentarily useless.

Mukandaysenga barely opened her swollen lips as she listlessly described the nightmare.

Other injured people at the hospital said the shells were fired from a hillside above Kiwanja, from M23 rebels attacking Congolese soldiers.

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