Rwandan Support for M23

Apparently Rwanda supports M23 and is trying to conquer part of the Congo. And what is more, this appears to be a Tutsi vs. Hutu conflict. Read this latest article, and these excerpts:

Nsanzimana said he was 10 when his family first came to Congo, among more than a million Rwandan Hutus who fled after the genocide. He was here in 1996 when Kagame’s troops bombarded refugee camps, killing genociders and innocent civilians indiscriminately. Then they chased those who fled in an orgy of massacres across the breadth of Congo, a country the size of Western Europe.

His father and one brother died in that flight. His sister escaped to neighbouring Republic of Congo. One brother remained as an FDLR commander.

Nsanzimana and one remaining brother finally returned home to Rwanda, only to find that their father’s properties had been seized by Tutsi neighbours.

“When we tried to reclaim our property, those who had stolen it made false accusations against us about the genocide, and we landed up in jail,” he said.

In 2004, the brothers were released and given back one house and a farm. Life remained a struggle, he said, living off the land on the farm.

Nsanzimana believes Rwanda’s latest adventure has left him homeless. He thinks his only chance is to seek refugee status far from Rwanda and eastern Congo, where he believes the history of hatred between Tutsis and Hutus can never be resolved.

“The Rwandan Defence Forces are the same Rwandan Patriotic Front (rebels) that killed my brother and are responsible for the death of my father,” he said. “They are the same Tutsi military that trained me how to fight and brought me to this battlefield.”

My initial thought on all of this is that American Anglicans must insist that the Rwandan Church (PEAR) speak up for the full inclusion of Hutus at all levels of society.

2 thoughts on “Rwandan Support for M23”

  1. Joel, there is much more to this story. We’ll have to get together and discuss. I may be in your area next week. If so I’ll give you a call. In the meantime here’s a link to a very recent article in Foreign Policy magazine that was written by a friend of mine who has lived in Rwanda and done research for a year or so. This is just for your ‘education’, I wouldn’t make any general conclusions based on this article because things are more complicated than they appear. Also, the relationship of PEAR to the government is something I need to talk to you about. Again, I think it might be good to get a more ‘well-rounded’ understanding of the situation before laying out opinions in public. Peace Your friend Don +

    1. I’m sure there is. I’m also hearing more behind the scenes. The article you linked confirms the other two articles I posted.
      It would be great to see you, just let me know.

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