HONA merges with ADGL

How’s that for acronyms? The Heart of North America (HONA) Network was part of the AMiA under the leadership of Bishop Doc Loomis. HONA is now merging into the Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes (ADGL) under Bishop Roger Ames. Salient portions of the letter announcing this change include:

The ADGL is receptive to the ordination of women in Holy Orders serving as Deacons and Presbyters. We want to be perfectly upfront about our desire to honor the “duel integrity” in regarding the ordination of women to Holy Orders in our shared life together.

Bishop Loomis will continue to serve on the AM Council of Bishops canonically resident in the Anglican Province of Congo and will return to full-time church planting with a focus on building Missional Communities. He intends to begin a new church near his Ohio home and will continue to provide coaching and counsel for the churches in the region. The ADGL fully supports Bishop Loomis in his work and looks forward to continuing in partnership with him and with the AM.

Clergy desiring to remain in the AM are free to request transfer to the Anglican Province of Congo. (Parishes are currently affiliated in the AM and would not have to move). Parishes remaining in the AM may choose to ask Bishop Loomis or any other AM Bishop to be their overseer. This letter is an invitation; any clergyperson or parish is free to choose another option and will be released to go and love and serve the Lord as they feel led.

One wonders how many churches are actually left inside AMiA? You can also see from this that the Wave only talks about good news.

4 thoughts on “HONA merges with ADGL”

  1. This stuff is pretty hard for me to understand. So how will be under Great Lakes? The clergy alone? But the parishes will continue to be under AMiA-Congo? How does that make sense? And what the heck is a network? I used to think that Orthodoxy in the USA was a mess, now it all seems very understandable compared with this. Nonetheless, blessings to all the clergy and parishes undergoing this change. May their ministries flourish in spite of all of this.

    1. I’m not sure Duane. From my reading it would seem that the parishes and the clergy will be in ACNA unless they choose otherwise.

  2. Except for Bp Loomis, right? He stays with the AM and plants his own church, but all the parishes and clergy go to Great Lakes, and the bishop there has oversignt over them? So Loomis will no longer have oversight over any parishes except the one he is planting?

    1. Sounds like Loomis stays AM, yes. If he is planting “missional communities” (glorified small groups), then maybe he is bishop over them?

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