Facebook as AOL

I remember AOL circa 01-02. Surfing to discussion boards, IM-ing friends, reading news stories on the homepage, being stuck inside the terrible AOL browser. Facebook is starting to feel like an updated version of AOL: pages are discussion boards, chat is IM, and now terrible news stories appearing in my feed all the time. An alternate web is surfed from within the terrible Facebook UI. It all seems depressingly familiar.

Could Facebook collapse like AOL did?

2 thoughts on “Facebook as AOL”

  1. Good point. I and I am sure others have had similar thoughts. It is a niche product. Wasn’t it that Facebook replaced “My Space?”

    With regard to the IPO, usually the more something is hyped the more chances it won’t prove to be what a lot of people thought it would be.

    1. Yes, the MySpace comparison does hold if Facebook is just a flavor of the month. The thing is that MySpace was more of a kid things, while FB has become an all ages thing.

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