Counter-revolutionaries, not Conservatives

The time to use the label “conservative” has come to an end. What is left to conserve? Child slaughter for all? The freedom to blaspheme? Mass pornography? Lawrence Auster puts it like this:

Since the Congress can now command citizens to do anything the Congress wants, since America as a republic under a government of limited powers is now officially dead, therefore conservatism, which if it means anything means support for that republic of limited powers, is now also dead. For conservatives to continue to support the constitution means supporting a leftist government with unlimited powers. Therefore the only meaningful form that conservatism can now take is counterrevolution, which means: opposition to the lawless regime that America now is, and the declared intent to dismantle it. Any “conservatism” short of counterrevolution is simply subscription to, loyalty to, patriotism to, subservience to, a leftist unlimited state.

I think America has been revolutionary for a long time, exporting that revolutionary spirit across the world. As Pope Benedict put it, “Everything started with the sexual revolution“:

The “sexual revolution” unleashed in the 1960’s was intended to “free” human sexuality from the straightjacket of traditional morality. It began to sing the praises of sexuality as a simple consumer good and means for obtaining pleasure. The satisfaction of the sexual impulse was propagandized as the way to happiness and to the true development of the personality. Values like self-control and chastity were accepted less and less. Many maintained that sexual continence was unnatural and unlivable. Others in turn sought to transfer human sexuality completely into the realm of the “private” and the “subjective”: if two persons love each other and want to express this in the language of love, why should they be prevented from doing so?

Subsequently the exercise of sexuality was detached more and more from marriage, and above all with the global spread of contraception, from procreation. It was asserted that the “old” understanding of sexuality corresponded to another culture, which in the meantime had been transformed.

The sexual revolution is indeed at the heart of both the changes to our society and the modern edifice of liberal statism. Abortion is the sacrosanct principle that is defended at all costs. As long as we make peace with the revolution, we have lost. So we are not conserving anything, we are now fighting a counter-revolution, one that will probably have to be played out over centuries and in quiet places, while the tottering society collapses and disintegrates.

2 thoughts on “Counter-revolutionaries, not Conservatives”

  1. I have slowly, reluctantly been coming to the view that we need a basket of amendments to restore the Constitution. That is not a trivial task, but may well be a necessary one.

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