ESV Clarion

I received my long-awaited ESV Clarion this week. It has been plagued by delays and false starts, but it is finally in print. For a long time I have been looking for “the one.” A Bible that is the right size, the right translation, single-columned and made with attention to detail. I want this Bible to be my workhorse until I am old enough to need large print. And the Clarion ESV is the one: a gorgeous font that is the right size, and the right form-factor for a Bible – not huge and not tiny.  The font used is Lexicon.

There are some excellent pictures of these Bibles here. The Bible Design Blog has some cool pictures of the text block here, including this one:

3 thoughts on “ESV Clarion”

  1. These look very nice. I’ve seen one. The only thing about them that gave me pause are the overall dimension of the text block. I guess I just like a bigger Bible. I’ll probably be getting one, though.

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