PEAR Elects Breedlove as Bishop

PEARUSA will begin with three Networks and at least one new bishop (bishops Glenn and Barnum will no longer be actively serving as bishops). Rev. Steve Breedlove will become a Bishop for PEARUSA. An excerpt from the report by Don Schulze:

The first PEARUSA Celebration Assembly meeting in Raleigh, NC elected their first bishop and announced the formation of three network relationship groups that include the West/MidWest, the Southeast, and the North/Northeast. Provisional Network Leaders are Rev. Ken Ross for the West/Mid-West, Rev. David Bryan for the Southeast, and Rev. Steve Breedlove for the North/Northeast.

The Rev. Steve Breedlove was elected by unanimous acclamation to be their first bishop. He has been senior rector of All Saints, Chapel Hill, SC and will leave that position in five weeks. He will serve as the Presider Pro Tem of PEARUSA and as network leader of the North/Northeast regional network of PEARUSA till his inauguration in October.

The working group of the Northeast Network met to identify its members and found that there were approximately thirty-six churches represented, from North Carolina to Connecticut.
Among the issues discussed was the need to find a way to communicate or meet in the months between June and September to consider, propose, and elect one or more network bishops. As various considerations were voiced and a number of ideas were considered, it appeared that the idea of such a large and geographically diverse group working in a cohesive way after leaving Raleigh was going to be difficult and a Network bishop would be necessary.

Breedlove was considered the choice for Network Bishop in view of his past experience in team leadership and pastoral care and oversight. Following a brief discussion the decision to make him the first Bishop Candidate of the new PEARUSA was made by acclamation.

I hope we’ll be able to see video or read the text of the presentations from this Assembly.

14 thoughts on “PEAR Elects Breedlove as Bishop”

    1. I would agree, except that bishops Glenn and Barnum are essentially retiring from active duty to simply be pastors.

  1. Clarification: Steve Breedlove was named Presider pro tem by Abp. Rwaje. While he will likely be approved as a bishop by the Rwanda HOB, he was not “elected bishop” at the assembly.

      1. Might want to go ahead and re-correct the correction, Joel. I was in the room. We did indeed elect him the bishop of our network, as Don Schulze correctly stated. It was very emotional, especially for those of us from his parish at All Saints. We will miss him terribly, and those of us present laid hands on him and gave him up to the needs of the larger church.

        I can see how WebAnglican made the mistake, but they were indeed two separate events that did occur in space time history. 😉

    1. Steve was indeed also elected by his network to be a bishop at the assembly. This will need to be approved by the Rwandans.

  2. I was in the room as well and what we did was to nominate Steve as our Network’s bishop- and did so unanimously; such nomination now going to the Mission Council and the House of Bishops of Rwanda for approval.

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