Inaugural Convocation of the Society

The AMiA is supposed to be meeting in Chicago right now:

THE CONSTITUTION AND STATUTES at the end of the 40 days, will be promulgated when those delegated members who seek permanent status as members of the Society will gather for its INAUGURAL CONVOCATION OF THE SOCIETY on 3 June 2012 (Feast of Martyrs of Uganda).

What happened? Is it happening? Did we miss something? It seems to have gone the way of the missing exclusive interview promised to David Virtue…

4 thoughts on “Inaugural Convocation of the Society”

  1. This does not look good at all. To have a major event like this and then…not hear anything about it? Even if it is going on? Very odd. I know some AMiA bishops are now with ACNA, but a number have stuck with AMiA, certainly enough for this meeting, right?

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