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Here are links to some good audio and text:

Borges lectures from the Sixties.

James Jordan lectures on six days of creation as the basis of Christian belief.

Rich Bledsoe lectures on living as the Church.

James Jordan thoughts, which I will steal here:

  • We want as many instruments in church as possible
  • The doctrine of the Holy Spirit is the theology of music
  • If our theology and liturgy is worth anything, it must be conversational – like God in Trinity
  • Theologians: Can’t we have a conversation?
  • If it has breath, it’s music. And the Holy Spirit is breath.
  • When the Kingdom comes, music comes
  • Would you ever sing a sermon?
  • When the Spirit is released, music is released. Reformation Europe.
  • Don’t let music flow from the world into the church. That’s the wrong direction.
  • The church must have her own musical style, for the Tabernacle and Temple had their own distinctive smell.
  • Ask yourself what you want your kids to learn by the time they are 18, then you know what to do in your liturgy
  • Musical instruments are an extension of the human body, which is itself an instrument
  • People want Natural Law as an alternative to Scripture, or a “parallel stream”, because what the Bible actually says is obnoxious to modern man. People want to fit in with the world.
  • The biblical chronology question is the camel’s nose in the tent, the first domino to fall.
  • The Bible is stuffed full of history. Anti-gnosticism.
  • Conservative evangelical kids go off to college,  and they become liberal once they start having sex (NTW)
  • The more prosperous a nation is, the more the Christians want to talk about the imminent end of the world and how everything is all about suffering.
  • Often a Prophet predicts the destruction of a city, and the fulfillment of that prophecy establishes the truthfulness of his predictions of the longer-term future.
  • Christian political engagement runs the risk of being ideas devoid of personhood, a Christian moral framework without a personal God.

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