ACNA and the LCMS

Today, ACNA released a document called “Anglican Church in North America and The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Dialogue—Report on the Discussions (2010-2012).” It is encouraging to see that the LCMS is holding ACNA’s feet to the fire on women’s ordination:

Disagreement exists among Anglicans about the propriety of ordaining women to the pastoral (presbyteral) office, while the LCMS opposes this practice.

LCMS/LCC representatives have discerned agreement with the majority in ACNA in regards to this issue. Although presbyteral ordination for women occurs in ACNA, a majority of ACNA bishops reserve presbyteral ordination only for men.

This “majority” position needs to become the only position within ACNA.

2 thoughts on “ACNA and the LCMS”

  1. This report was anti-climatic. The LCMS-ACNA talks were historic, and I was hoping progress might had been made over sacramentology. If that happened, basically confessionally relating the 39 articles to the Augsburg, something remarkable would transpired, solving problems between churches that properly belong to the magisterial protestant tradition that go back to 1529 Marburg. I’m very saddened so little was agreed upon, and the report reads so generically with agreement on mostly ‘ethical concerns’, it might have been written for Independent Baptists. This is very sad for two traditions which ought to have so much in common, especially considering their affinities in history, the origins of the 39 articles, and composition of the prayer book with German church orders, etc.. My only guess is the ACNA delegation went into this without much background on Anglo-German relations during the Reformation, the common denominator of Phillipism, or the work of Pusey on relating the articles of religion to some Lutheran views. This report proves an opportunity was lost, far greater than a statement on WO priests, and I can’t express my disappointment more deeply. Meanwhile, ACNA is now playing footsies with NALC and some folks from ECLA, but these churches are not confessional lutherans, and, if I were LCMS, I’d take a pretty dismal view of such entreaties. Thanks for sharing this, Joel.

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