Leaving AMiA

In one example of what are and will be many, Church of the Redeemer is leaving AMiA:

After months of prayer, research and discussion your Elders believe that our future lies in an orthodox, unified Anglican province on this continent.  Therefore, we have decided to bring our association with the AMiA to a close. We want to express our gratitude for the leadership and oversight that the AMiA provided as we formed Church of the Redeemer, and in particular our bishops – T.J. Johnston and Todd Hunter.

We are sad to lose some of the connections we had in the AMiA.  However, we look forward to the day in which AMiA congregations are all part of one larger Anglican Church again.

7 thoughts on “Leaving AMiA”

  1. Our church met last night with the PEAR USA archdeacon assigned to our network. We are on course to stick with PEAR USA as long as it lasts. As an enthusiastic supporter of the Jerusalem Declaration I’m pleased with our direction.

  2. In the full article from McKenzie+ there is a brief mention of an Anglican Diocese of Tennessee. There is an ACNA Anglican Diocese of the South which is new in the past year or so, and +Beach is a wonderful bishop. Is that what is referenced? It seems there are not yet enough ACNA churches for a purely state diocese, though I certainly have hopes and prayers that comes to pass.

    1. Is the goal to have state-dioceses? It seems very reasonable to me, but aren’t there a number of state which have enough parishes to be a diocese, yet which are not? I think of Texas, Colorado, California, et al.

  3. There is no “Anglican Province” on this continent. The ACNA is an Anglican church. It is not an Anglican Province.

  4. Buddy, it is a “province in formation”, meaning that is aspires to be such a province some day, and by some members of the Anglican Communion is already recognized as such. In other words, it has made a good start.

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