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The unfolding AMiA story has exhibited a tendency to unravel like the proverbial onion, with each layer yielding another insight into what may in fact be going on. There has been an almost predictable thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis pattern of figuring out the story based on piecing together what little we know outside of official sources, which are generally PR exercises. The latest “flight into Egypt (Congo)” involved:

[1] A letter from Archbishop Rwaje telling the resigned bishops to inform him where their new home would be, resign, or face discipline.

[2] A letter from Bishop Murphy telling us of a new home in the Anglican Church of the Congo. His letter acted as if this was a logical step that had been in the works all along, and yet Bishop Doc Loomis had publicly denied that this was the case two short months ago.

[3] Someone talks to the sources and a fuller story emerges. In this case, it is the fact that the Archbishop of the Congo has offered AMiA “temporary” residence in the Congo, something Chairman Murphy failed to mention. Details, details.

[4] Lurking behind it all is an allegation that “A substantial gift of American dollars from an extremely wealthy lady in Pawleys Island, SC—one of Chuck Murphy’s most loyal and generous donors over the years” is behind the Anglican Church of the Congo’s offer of residence for AMiA. So, the elephant in the room is that ‘money is muscle’ and that theAM has found a home based on a ‘substantial gift.’ Of course none of the official pronouncements from Pawleys Island or the DRC mention this reality, but do we really think that the Anglican Church of the Congo just up and decided to give AMiA a home for no reason?

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  1. Thanks for this. Flight back to Egypt indeed! Any estimates at this point on how many parishes and/or priests will stay with AMiA v. ACNA v. PEAR USA? At this point the Orthodox in the USA are looking more united than the Anglicans. Never thought I would say that…

    BTW, have recently put a lecture of mine on contextualization on my blog (mp3’s). Not sure if you are interested in the topic of missions/cultures but since you are a Rwandan priest in the USA thought I might mention it.

    1. Thanks for the info on your lecture.

      I’m not sure about estimates on numbers here or there. I imagine it will be clear by the end of the summer.

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