Todd Hunter at the ACNA Assembly

Bishop Todd Hunter of the AMiA is a featured speaker at ACNA’s Assembly 2012. Why? Although canonically resident in Rwanda, he left PEAR along with Chuck Murphy. Archbishop Duncan said of these folks, “They are now former Anglicans, that’s what they have to grapple with.” [1]

So why would Archbishop Duncan turn around and invite Todd Hunter to teach at the high point of ACNA’s life together? Possibly, it signals that AMiA is on the way to being folded into ACNA. Or, perhaps it means that Todd is a candidate for the Vicar (Provincial Director) for Anglican 1000? Either way, it sends a confusing message when paired with what Archbishop Duncan has previously said.


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  1. How did this all happen? There are probably many conversations and decisions that will never see the light of day. That’s the nature of politics…. On the other hand, Todd Hunter is a man with a heart for pastors and for evangelism. My prayer is that in spite of all political concerns God will make a way for Todd to make the maximum contribution possible to the cause of the Gospel in these challenging days. In addition to that, I’d like to say that it is gratifying and satisfying to see that God is able to preserve His servant even when he is caught up in circumstances not of his own making and over which he has little or no control. Love hopes and believes the best… Go Todd!

  2. Dear James, with all grace I submit that it is not fair to compare Todd’s situation with that of Bishop Thad. First of all Thad himself admits he should have started saying NO a long time before this episode. If he had Todd would have never been put in this position. Secondly, Todd, to my knowledge has had very little exposure or relationship with Rwanda or Rwandans and therefore little knowledge of the true nature of the ‘dispute’. He was recruited and promoted solely by CHM and I’m feel fairly certain that he was duped, manipulated, and coerced to some degree.

    I have no problem with Todd speaking at the ACNA Assembly… He will be an instrument of instruction and encouragement to church planters. I do wonder about the propriety of him apparently being booked while the outcome of the Rwanda/AMiA discipline/dispute was not resolved. In the end, let us be gracious and hope and believe the best… What is important is that the Gospel be preached and the seeds of new congregations be planted.

    Incidentally, I have no relationship with Todd. I just know him as a person and as a minister. I have always known him to be both gracious and righteous. Also, lest anyone misunderstand, I hold Bishop Thad in the same high esteem. We all have made mistakes. As the Lord forgives our trespasses, let us forgive the mistakes of others. It seems time to beat swords into plowshares and get to work.


    1. Don+,

      I appreciate your clarification of this and your perspective. If what you say about +Todd is true, then isn’t that just another illustration of how broken and dysfunctional the AMiA leadership model is (cf. Joel’s post on cult of personality)? If he had no connection with Rwanda, it only lends credence to the belief, pretty widely held by now, that there was a major disconnect between the highest levels of indigenous AMiA leadership and the local parishes which had developed deep relationships with Rwanda. I am saddened to hear that +Todd may be another victim in this sad episode. Obviously, leaving Rwanda wasn’t his idea. If he was manipulated into following the crowd, that presents a dynamic which I must admit I have not considered.

  3. Forgive me for not knowing, but what is P.E.A.R.? All these acronyms are confusing me. Guess I’m just “out of the loop”, eh? I think the Church ought to be less denominational and more catholic (properly understood). So sad all these divisions in the Body of Christ. Psalm 133
    p.s. – Maybe you could list all these alphabet soup terms along with their meaning in a column on the right side of the blog.

    1. PEAR is the Anglican Province of Rwanda, and it is now used of churches under their care in the USA.

      1. OK. Thanks. I thought that (P.E.A.R.) was the same as the Anglican Mission in America? I always wondered why US Churches were under an African Diocese anyway. It seems to me that the Rt. Rev. C. Murphy is building a new “denomination”, as all their ministers are new and being “fast-tracked” into ordination. Maybe this is God’s plan, but it seems to me that he has a franchise approach to ministry and Church-planting. The Rev’d Chris Cairns of Apostles Church, Knoxville, Tenn. seems to no longer be leading the church there. He was an Anglican Mission in America “network” leader for the Southeast US. Nice chap.

        1. AMiA split in December. Chuck Murphy resigned from Rwanda and took churches loyal to him with him. Those who remained with Rwanda are now called PEAR USA. It is confusing.

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