Cosmic Imagery

This post from Doug Wilson is so good that I am going to steal the whole thing:

[Discussing Matt. 24:29-31] “Everywhere there is similar ‘collapsing solar system’ imagery in the Old Testament (see Ezek. 32:7Amos 8:9; and Joel 2:28-32), the reference is always to the same thing — the destruction of nations and cities. There is no scriptural reason to handle such passages differently when they are quoted in the New Testament, especially when they are quoted in response to a question about when Jerusalem was going to be destroyed. Everywhere the Bible uses this kind of language, it is applied to the judgment of God falling on a particular nation or city — Babylon, Edom, Egypt, the northern kingdom of Israel. There is no scriptural reason to think it is any different in Matthew 24″ (Heaven Misplaced, p. 105).

Growing up Dispensationalist, I took all the solar system imagery literally. It has been a gradual process of unlearning for me to read the Bible differently.

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  1. And old Dispy eh? This explains your swing somewhat to the Post-Mill. When you were dispy, I was either A-Mill, or Post-Mill. And now I am a serious Historic Pre-Mill, post-trib. Now that things are really heating up around Israel, who knows maybe I will leave long enough to see the literal Second Coming of Christ! 😉 Note I lived in Israel in the late 90’s, and even fought in Gulf War 1 (in my early 40’s). Yes, I am a “Biblical” Zionist!

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