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Over at “Religion Dispatches”, a leftist site devoted to attacking Orthodox Christendom, Julie Ingersoll regularly posts on the horrors of a nascent Christian Reconstructionist movement, never mind that it largely passed out of existence a decade ago. The thing about her columns is that they are generally argument free. She just states things like:

In Rushdoony’s vision, the single most important tool for transforming the whole of culture to conform to biblical law (i.e. the exercise of dominion), was to replace public education with biblical education. The decades since have brought the rise of the Christian school and the Christian homeschool movements, both of which are rooted philosophically and even legally in Rushdoony’s work. A handful of Christian Reconstructionist writers who came after Rushdoony laid out detailed strategies to build a “biblical” system responsible only to parents, convince Christians that they are being disobedient to God if they send their children to government schools, and gradually choke off funding for alternatives that are public and/or secular.

And doesn’t offer any arguments as to why this is wrong. Her worldview is so totalizing and assumed to the readership that she needn’t even advocate as to why someone should believe what she says. In other words, what is wrong with Biblical law? Why should Christian parents send their kids to government schools? Ingersoll won’t tell you, it’s just a “duh” thing. With “arguments” like this, you can see how bankrupt the Apostate left really is.

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