5 thoughts on “C.J. Mahaney, the Comedian”

  1. Joel, it’s quite a story. He boogied out of Covenant Life (Gaithersburg, MD) with haste when Detwiler’s documents were published. An inhouse panel cleared him, but not entirely. He’s boogying now–as we speak–to points west. Intel sources says he’s moving to Louisville, KY. SGM, Inc. may uproot and move too, but we’ll see. As noted in the URL, the old comedian is back at it.

  2. It is sad that people are allowing the hypocrisy and sin that C.J. displayed. He is clearly disqualified as a leader.

  3. I would urge Christians to boycott this conference. I think the whole Christian conference scene needs to be scrutinized… you know, the always reforming thingy.

    I see John MacArthur isn’t lending his name to their cast this year. Just coincidental? I doubt it. He retains my utmost respect. The others have gone down a notch or two. They would only redeem themselves in my eyes by disinviting CJ… kind of like he disinvited Larry Tomzcak from the SG pastor’s conference a few months back.

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