AMiA Mission Society Synopsis

This is one of the attachments sent by the AMiA Council of Bishops and it refers to the other attachment:

The Church is a community of faith with a divine mandate to make disciples and extend the Kingdom of God. Church planting not only serves as one of the most effective evangelism tools to fulfill the Great Commission but also provides a strong reminder that the Church is called to be essentially missionary in character.

Across the centuries, churches have operated with complementary structures sometimes referred to as “jurisdictional” or “modality” (provinces or dioceses) and “vocational” or “sodality” (mission societies and missionary orders). These redemptive structures have continuously worked together to build up the Church, and each of these realities is valued by Anglicans as both legitimate and necessary for the advancement of the Church.

We are attaching a paper by Dr. Ralph D. Winter entitled, “The Two Structures of God’s Redemptive Mission,” that offers an overview of the two kinds of structures and how they work together. Dr. Winter served as a Presbyterian missionary to Guatemala from 1956-1966 and is the founder of the US Center for World Mission.  In addition, he developed the Perspectives Curriculum and was a Professor of the School of World Mission at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.  He continued to work with world mission until his death in 2009.

You can see Winter’s paper here.

This seems like a very abbreviated “mission statement” compared to the long, canon-law Pastoral Declaration from London in December.

Once again, the question should be asked as to why any of these things could not have been accomplished prior to the flight from Rwanda?

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  1. I agree with rick. AMiA seems to want to be a proper Church (a modality) and have the power and structure of a Church. But also to want to have the flexibility and agility of a sodality, while have the privileges and stature of a modality. Am I reading this situation correctly? I’d be interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts…

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