Anglicans in the Midwest Search for Unity

Upper Midwest Anglican is a website set up by Anglicans looking for a way forward as a result of the AMiA meltdown. The stated aim is:

In light of the Anglican Mission’s (AM) restructuring and the Anglican Church in North America’s (ACNA) movement toward a midwest diocese, the leadership of both the AM Midwest Network and the ACNA’s Wisconsin and Greenhouse Deaneries calls all interested parishes and parishioners to enter into a discernment process.

The goal of this process is to seek greater clarity and unity regarding the purpose of the Lord for Angli- can work in the Upper Midwest (Chicago/Northern Illinois,Wisconsin, Minnesota).

The values and guidance for this process stem from the accounts of the Church in Antioch in Acts 11 and 13. Here, under the apostolic authority of Jerusalem (11.22), the people of Antioch gathered to study Holy Scripture (11.26), to hear prophetic words (11.27, 13.1), and to pray, fast, and worship (13.2)—all for the sake of new churches and converts.

We in the AM Midwest and the Wisconsin and Greenhouse ACNA deaneries desire to reflect these same values for the sake of greater unity that leads to multiplied mission. We invite our parishes and parishioners into this season of prayer, fasting, worship, and partnership building with the blessing of our respective bishops (Bishop Sandy Greene and Archbishop Bob Duncan).

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