How Many Parishes are Leaving AMiA?

The latest Anglican Unscripted says that the number of parishes who may leave AMiA for PEAR or ACNA could tally anywhere from 60 – 100. This is a bit different from the numbers we’ve heard before like “About 20 have decided to leave the group already, said the Rev. Cynthia Brust” and “I only know of 4-5 congregations. I suspect by the end of the day, it could be 20-25 congregations” from Chuck Murphy.

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  1. […] Joel Martin wants to know…and so do I. We recently received a letter at Good Shepherd from one of our insurance carriers stating that our insurance agent, with whom we have a fine and longstanding relationship, has decided to break from the larger company to start his own agency. The letter informs us that we legally remain covered under our old policy unless we explicitly tell them otherwise. Our insurance agent, however, apparently claims that our policy has been automatically transferred to his new company. Perhaps something similar is taking place here? Despite evidence of a numerically significant split, Bishop Murphy and crew simply claim jurisdiction over all former AMiA parishes unless explicit notice is given. In light of their established record of deception and slander, however, I have absolutely no confidence in anything Bishop Murphy’s new sect publishes. […]

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