Rahner on the Trinity

Peter Leithart quotes Karl Rahner on the Trinity:

Nowadays when we speak of God’s incarnation, the theological and religious emphasis lies on the fact that ‘God’ became man, that ‘one’ of the divine persons (of the Trinity) took on the flesh, and not on the fact that this person is precisely the person of the Logos. One has the feeling that, for the catechism of head and heart (as contrasted with the printed catechism), the Christian’s idea of the incarnation would still not have to change at all if there were no Trinity. For God would still, as (the one) person, have become man, which is in fact all the average Christian explicitly grasps when he confesses the incarnation.

How true this is! Do we reflect on God (unitive) becoming man, or on the Second Person of the Trinity (in unity) becoming man?

3 thoughts on “Rahner on the Trinity”

  1. Indeed Rahner’s little book: The Trinity, is a must read! His theological statement of the Economic Trinity – the “economic” Trinity is the “immanent” Trinity and the “immanent” Trinity is the “economic” Trinity.

  2. I am interested in the image of the Blessed Trinity appearing in this post. Do you know its source, how made it, when, and what restrictions, if any, are placed on its reproduction and use? Please contact me at John_Hiner@yahoo.com, if you can be of help in this matter. Thank you.

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