Kolini and the Congo

After checking around on the AMiA / Congo connection, sources told me that former Archbishop Kolini indeed went to the Congo after the AMiA Winter Conference to negotiate on behalf of the AMiA. Kolini was of course born in what was then known as Zaire. If true, this means that someone is dissembling in the chain of command over in the Congo.

The Congo has had some interesting visitors lately:

3 thoughts on “Kolini and the Congo”

    1. That story leads me to believe that something is amiss. Perhaps the bishops in the Congo are not telling each other the whole story. Something doesn’t add up. Who, exactly, authorized these AMiA ordinations?

  1. I also wouldn’t read too much into the KJS whirlwind tour of sub-Saharan Africa (she more or less invited herself to several countries), nor ++Williams dropping by – he remains, after all, the Archbishop of Canterbury. I rather hope he spends a lot more time with African bishops, he might well learn something.

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