Conger on the Congo

The AMiA has been conducting ordinations under the auspices of the Anglican Province of the Congo recently. See this link saying that “Jenna Martin is actually a deacon of the Anglican Church of Congo” and this story which says: “Yet tonight, with the authority of the Province of the Congo, four new deacons and a priest were ordained in a service that was solemn, joy filled and yet redolent with hope.”

But in the latest episode of AnglicanTV, George Conger [you know, the guy who fomented the AMiA’s flight from Rwanda], reports contacting the leadership of the Congo and getting an “excuse me?” response to his questions about the AMiA’s actions [see about 7:40 into the episode]. The Congo leadership is professing to have no idea what Conger is talking about, so what is the real situation?

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