C.J. Mahaney: Good to Go!

In a move that should surprise absolutely no one, Sovereign Grace Ministries has re-instated C.J. Mahaney as their President. As Brent Detwiler recounted:

You (CJ) continued by saying that Larry “must confine [himself] to the that point in order to leave peacefully.” In other words, you could accept Larry telling the movement he was abruptly and prematurely pulling out of the disciplinary process because he disagreed with our assessment of his character. You would not allow him to explain his departure in terms of doctrinal differences. But then you went further. You told Larry if he included doctrine as a basis for leaving “we will go into more detail regarding your sin and if necessary Justin’s sin.”

C.J. then went on to blackmail the Tomczak’s in a phone call where he threatened releasing details of their son’s confessions to him as a pastor to the public; this was in 1997. Mahaney acknowledged this in a confession to Covenant Life Church, but he called it ‘coercion’:

It grieves me to report to you that in a particular phone conversation I sought to coerce Larry to present his leaving as I thought was right.

Sovereign Grace has looked at this and many other things and essentially said “no problem”! Get back in the saddle and go get them big guy! Mahaney has repented of this sin and has confessed it, let’s be clear. But that does not mean that he is fit to serve any more. Imagine confessing your sins to a pastor and then having him use them against you or your family to get you to act in a certain way. Is someone who does that fit to be a pastor let alone a functional bishop?

But, C.J. is a Reformed big wig so he gets a pass. Disgusting, reprehensible and arrogant.

3 thoughts on “C.J. Mahaney: Good to Go!”

  1. I agree with your assessment and also am not surprised with the outcome. The fallout should be interesting to watch. I wonder if CJ will still be welcome in the T4G circles? If so this would seriously damave their credibility.

  2. I found this comment on one of the SGM blogs; I wonder how many others feel the same? We may see a stampede for the doors.

    It really doesn’t matter …

    For me, it doesn’t. We are leaving SGM. We’ve been with them since 1988. We’ll leave behind good friends. If they are truly good friends then we will remain good friends. If not, then I guess that answers that question. We’ll leave for a BETTER church that cares about Jesus. That cares about everyone in the church. That ministers to the lost. That doesn’t put man in front of Jesus. There won’t be “star” preachers coming in. There won’t be “incredible” worship. But there will be Jesus! Nothing phony. No fake smiles. No guilt of having to do endless serving (for the church), No love bombing. Just the simple gospel and the love of a Savior that really really loves me and cares for me.

    Goodbye to all of the liars. Goodbye to all of the deceivers. Goodbye to all of those that have hurt the sheep. Goodbye SGM!

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